Years in Operation

Clients Worldwide


A little bit about us

Our company was founded in 1990, by Avi Feldman and Sara Feldman, as a family team effort to source and represent companies in several countries.

Thanks to our global contacts, we created an Import and Export Corporation that started sourcing frames in Mexico, England, Holland, and Canada. Later on, the scope of the business was extended to China, where we currently manufacture a wide variety of products.

Our experience and infrastructure in China help us to source and develop any product required by our clients.

Feldman Sales & Marketing today…

We are global sourcing company; we serve clients in the USA, Canada, Mexico, France & Australia. Our products are sold in large retailer stores, and in special furniture and accessory shops.  We also cater to the hospitality industry; we have developed an extensive line of products for this industry.

Also, as part of our ongoing effort to create innovative art designs, we teamed up with Palit Inc in Canada, and together we have created special artwork for different hotels and furniture chain stores.