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Feldman Sales and Marketing is your leader in product sourcing from China. With the support of our energetic overseas staff we find the right partner to manufacture your products.  We are committed to helping your business succeed by reducing costs and maximizing productivity.

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Full Service

From Sourcing to Product Development and Manufacturing, we have you covered until you have your product here in the USA. Our team will make sure to help you. We follow up on all stages of production: development, manufacturing, packaging and shipping of an order.

Sourcing Best-Fit

Find the appropriate factories and products for our customers. That will protect the exclusivity of our products, and will follow up our guidelines and standards.

Stellar Communication

We provide the best in communication with our clients to make sure that we set up everything in the best way possible.

Complete Customization

Optional customization of products to your exact specifications. We have design and sourcing down to a science so we know how to get that exact look or feel for your product. You can trust us.


We are unparalleled in knowledge about China and the manufacturing and sourcing that we can provide. After many years of building relationships and working with clients we feel confident in our abilities.

Inspections and Quality Control

We have an in house quality control and production management in China, to ensure that we follow up on all our customer needs.

Relationships and Experience

We have developed strong relationships with several Chinese factories. This enables us to provide our customers with the best service. We have 30 years of experience in the framing and sourcing business.

With our years of experience and our vast network, we can make your vision a reality.